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High quality cluster management is today recognised as a key element of a successful world-class cluster. Strong management is crucial for cluster organisations for providing top professional services to cluster firms, for assisting companies to access global markets successfully, and for raising the innovation capacity and competitiveness of cluster firms in the large sense. The growing number of cluster organisations in the EU today, represent various quality levels with respect to their organisation, experience and ambition. Some cluster organisations are well advanced on cluster excellence issues while others are clearly lagging behind. ERICE project aims at substantially improving cluster management in Mazovia, Lombardy and Malta.

Two clusters from the Mazovia Region awarded Silver Label


In early November 2015 Silver Label Audits have been conducted in two Mazovian clusters: BTM and Mazovia Chemical Cluster. The result of both Audits is positive so bot before mentioned clusters ar... Czytaj dalej


Malta Enterprise organised workshops for cluster managers in the frames of the ERICE Project. It was a two day course in which 8 individuals from 5 different clusters attended. Topics that have been d... Read more


On 7th and 8th of October 2015 Mazovia Development Agency Plc (ARM SA) - the leader of ERICE Project - organised workshops for cluster managers from the Mazovia Region. The event took place in line wi... Read more

Project ERICE is co-funded by the European Union